Puppy Exercises

Puppy Exercises – So you got a new puppy so you want to make sure it grows up to be healthy, strong and happy! These puppy exercises will ensure that your puppy will grow up to be a big, healthy and happy dog!

Puppy Exercises

Puppy Exercises – Play Fetch!

Of all the puppy exercises, this is probably the best one you could do – and it’s the most fun! Whether your new puppy knows how to play or not, starting out young is the best way. Get a ball or a stick and throw it far (but not too far) and direct your dog to retrieve it. After some practice, your puppy will get excited when you pick up a ball or stick! That way, you can have your puppy run and get all the exercise he or she needs to be strong and healthy!

Run Around Outside!

The idea is to have your puppy’s muscles worked. Just like human fitness, animal fitness is just as important. So take your puppy to a dog park and have him or her run around! You can even run around with your puppy as well so you can both get a work out! Running and constant movement will boost the puppy’s metabolism so when you feed him enough and regularly, your pup will have a perfectly oiled system!

Other Dogs!

If possible, have your puppy play with other puppies! Their interaction will sometimes last hours and it is healthy for them to develop social skills. Besides, sometimes it is just fun to watch puppies play with each other!

In conclusion – have your puppy be constantly active. This will have two benefits: 1) Your puppy will develop strong lean muscles and 2) Your puppy will be tired out so by the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to worry about him or her barking at night 🙂

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