Pet Exercises

Pet Exercises – So you got yourself a pet and now you want your furry little friend to grow up healthy and happy, right? This page will tell you everything you need to know about cat fitness to have a strong and healthy pet.

pet exercises

Pet Exercises – Play With Your Pets!

It could’t be funner! After all, why did you get a pet to begin with if you weren’t going enjoy its company? Play fetch with your puppy, play with your cat, go jogging with your dog – keep your pets active. Activity and movement are the best way to keep your pets healthy and happy. No pet can truly be happy by just being ignored and neglected. At least once a day, you should set aside some quality time with your pet. Pets are family after all!

  • Fetch
  • Tug of war
  • String
  • Yarn
  • Squeeky toys
  • Running around the house or yard
  • Dog parks
  • Mountians
  • Hills

Healthy Diet

Make sure you animals are eating the appropriate amount every day. Cats especially love routines and schedules and love to stick to them as well. Don’t overfeed your pets though! They may beg for food and it may be so tempting to just give them a little extra. Unless it’s a treat for them behaving well, it will not always be beneficial to give your animal so much food. You can risk making your pet too fat if you feed them too much. Refer to fat cat workout if you have a fat cat!

Conclusively, it is optimal for your pets to be moving as much as possible. If your pets sleep all day, moves very little and eat too much, you risk having your pet become overweight.If they become overweight, it’s fixable just by feeding them effectively and having them as active as possible.