Fat Cat Workout

Fat Cat Workout – So you got yourself a fat cat. Though fat cats are cute, fat cats aren’t always healthy. If your cat gets too fat, you can help your cat lose weight by helping it be more active and feeding him or her more efficiently.

fat cat workout

Fat Cat Workout

Cat metabolisms function just like human metabolisms. If you eat regularly, healthily and not too much while exercising frequently, you’ll be fit and healthy. The same concept applies to your little furball – or should we say big furball. The premise of having a cat lose weight is to help him be less lazy and more active. In many cases, fat cats are lazy and sleep a lot.

Feed The Cat Right

Stick to a schedule when feeding your cat. Cats love routines and will remember their time for food. It is optimal to feed your cat twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Remember to feed your cat in smaller portions to help him lose weight. Do not top off his bowl. It is common for people to overfeed their cats. If your cat is fat, simply try feeding him in smaller portions.

Be Active

Here’s the Fat Cat Workout – refer to the cat exercises post. The idea behind it is to get your lazy fat cat off the floor or couch and to start playing more. Use a laser pointer or a cat toy to stimulate your cat. If your cat is exceptionally lazy, it may take a few weeks for the cat to obtain a consistent amount of energy to be able to play longer. This is okay. Over time, your cat will gain more energy, will metabolize his food faster and slowly become healthier.

Just like people, it will take time to have a cat lose weight. Make sure your fat cat eats smaller portions each meal and make absolute sure that your cat is well hydrated! Lazy fat cats can easily become active fit cats if you motivate them to.