Dog Workouts

So you have a dog and want that dog to get stronger, healthier and happier. This Dog Workouts guide will help your dog get just that.

dog workouts

Dog Workouts

Of all the dog workouts, this is probably one of the best activities for your dog – and it’s the most fun! Whether your dog knows the game or not, it’s never too late to start. Get a ball or a stick and throw it across the yard or field and direct your dog to retrieve it. It may not retrieve it immediately, but the point is for your dog to run around. After some practice, your pooch will get excited when you pick up a ball or stick! By doing this, you’ll allow your dog to get enough exercise to become healthy and happy.

Up the Mountain!

This can be challenging both for you and your dog! But challenges are good. Find a hill or a mountain trail and hike up with your dog. The incline will be more resistance for your dog’s muscles and will develop them quicker. Make sure your dog eats enough beforehand so he or she has the energy to push up the entire mountain. For added adventure and effectiveness, try running up a mountain or a hill with your dog. If your dog is able to keep up, your dog is in good shape. Continue doing this make it a routine – your dog will thank you for it later.

Tug of War!

Oh how fun! Get a rope or something sturdy and play tug of war with your dog. For some reason, dogs love this game. If you play tug of war with your dog frequently, his shoulder muscles will develop and so will his hind legs. You will notice over time that your dog is getting stronger. This is obviously a good sign. Combine this with feeding your dog on a regular basis and having him run around outside and you’re looking at a strong, healthy and happy dog.

In conclusion – have your dog be constantly active and well fed. That’s pretty much all there is to it. 🙂

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