Cat Exercises

Cat Exercises – So you got yourself a cat and now you want your little furball to grow up healthy and happy, right? This page will tell you everything you need to know about cat fitness to have a strong and healthy cat.

cat exercises

Cat Exercises – String Toy!

It couldn’t be easier! You can either buy a cat toy or you can make one yourself. Get a stick, tie a string to one end and tie something light to the other end of the string; such as a milk carton cap with a bell or a feather. You now have a means of entertaining your cat for hours. All you do is tease the cat by bouncing the cat toy in front of her face and moving it before she can catch it. This stimulation will cause the cat to develop strong muscles, especially if you do this frequently. Let the cat catch the toy every once in a while though so she doesn’t get discouraged!

Laser Pointers

Oh boy is this fun! Buy yourself and your cat a laser pointer from any store and have at it! The cat will relentlessly chase, follow and try to attack and capture the red dot. Make the cat run long distances. This sprinting behavior will improve the cat’s quick twitch muscles and will also prevent him from getting arthritis in the future. Constant stimulation and movement is optimal for a cat.

Healthy Diet

Make sure you cat is eating the appropriate amount every day, at the time time. Cats love routines and love to stick to their little schedules. Optimally, you should feed your cat at the same time every morning and every evening. Make sure the cat has plenty of water too – especially if you are having it run around so much!

Let the Cat Jump!

Cats will be cats. It’s natural for a cat to want to jump from one high obstacle or piece of furniture to another. It’s healthy for them and it keeps them calm, sane and natural. Jumping to high places will help the cat develop strong leg muscles and the stimulation will keep the cat smart and alert.

Conclusively, it is optimal for your cat to be constantly moving. If your cat sleeps all day, moves very little and eats too much, you will have a fat cat. Fat cats are sometimes cute but aren’t healthy. Just like with people, it is not healthy to be fat or overweight. Keep your cat healthy and happy! If you have a dog, follow these guidelines.

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